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Whether the subject has been a medicine man in Vietnam or a vanishing forest in Costa Rica, I try to bring together photography and cutting edge technology to tell a story, to open minds, to try to paint a picture that could make a difference in our future.

I started my photography career coordinating the production for Against All Odds of two groundbreaking book/cd-rom projects, "From Alice to Ocean: Alone Across the Outback" and "Passage to Vietnam," the second of which won the CODIE Award for Best Multimedia Title of 1995. Breaking free from traditional limitations, these projects illustrated the impact technology could have in the world of publishing and photography.

I immediately turned these new skills to another challenge: make this innovative approach benefit Earth's environment and population.

A variety of projects followed, including retracing Charles Darwin's tracks in Ecuador and photographing the first ascent of El Capitan in Yosemite by blind adventurer Erik Weihenmayer for "TerraQuest ( Each project was shot digitally and dispatched live for the world to view and hear.

For "Mungo Park," Microsoft's online adventure travel magazine, I traveled to Fiji, Africa, Vietnam, and Cambodia. The resulting work appeared in a number of magazines, including HOW Design Magazine, PC Photo Magazine, Popular Photography, American Photo, and National Geographic's Online Visions Gallery; and has been profiled by the influential Photo District News.  Mungo Park is no longer online but you can view galleries of my work in the Projects section.

Each step in these projects has clarified my vision and role in producing bodies of work that have the potential to impact the world on how they see and respect our planet. As Executive Producer and digital photographer for One World Journeys, I coordinated the best of the web – digital photography, sound bites, writing: to bring the unknown country of Georgia and its national parks and culture into people's homes; stimulated ecological interest in the Yucatan so that laws were passed to protect jaguar habitat; opened up the life cycle of the northwest salmon to thousands of school children; and contributed toward the creation of a National Monument in the Sonoran Desert.

For LOOC (Lives Out of China Foundation), my web production and photography bring hope to orphaned baby girls living in China as well as to those families who want to adopt the girls in the US and UK.

I strive to create work that meets the eye, opens the mind, and excites the imagination as to what the world holds and how the individual can make a positive difference in our world. As a photographer and as a producer, I try to tell stories – true stories – about what is and about what can be; these stories resonate within a harmony of images, of words, of sound, of hope.

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I have also developed a belt line using my images called The Urge to Adorn. Check it out!

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